Working with Meisterwerke from Belgium and a tattoo artist from its home town of Lemgo in Germany, we have developed a new Gobelin fabric; that fantasy scene – with a few contemporary details – functions to balance the heaviness of the material, representing not only an exotic fairy-tale from the animal kingdom, but also an opulent oasis in which many animals coexist peacefully. There is a message here, and a philosophy shared by many. The motif chosen to be woven into Gobelin started life as a study for an oil painting by Christian Trzaska, that was commissioned by Art-Director Birgit Hoffmann and graphics team Bertermann-Winters. The Lemgo tattoo artist came to Freifrau’s attention because he also created designs for the skateboards produced by the founder’s sons.

The term Gobelin was originally limited to fabrics made in the Manufacture des Gobelins in Paris, whose products had such intricate patterns and were woven with so much care that they were hung on walls as tapestries. Now, the Belgian company Meisterwerke has decided to revive this kind of material, bringing it up to date by including details which, at first sight, don’t seem to fit the overall picture and so attract attention.

Oasis-Gobelin is a Freifrau exclusive fabric. For further info regarding the skateboards please enter

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